Music Laboratory was created by Ivan Zubo (Ceo & Founder) in 2005. Company is focus to Electronic musci scene. Music Laboratory incl. Records Label (Music Laboratory records), booking djs, production evetns, pr & marketing. Event Concept also works as well as a broad mix of marketing, PR and communications companies to play a part in almost 500 events annuall.Our Agency has been booking DJS and Artists from all around the world. We are collaborating with international artists and also with Top 100 Djs. We are specialist in electronic music djs and artists. During this process we have been involved in Event production and digital and print Marketing, technical skills and produciton experiences. Now we can provide you with full service with highest quality in mind. Event Concept’s team of producers and designers come from a variety of backgrounds, from PR and marketing (web, app, logo, social media)  to stage management. This equips their team with the skills and broad range of experience required    to develop creative design concepts and carry out all aspects of event production in the most efficient way.


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